The following types of gifts will be considered for accession to the JFKU Library collections:

  JFKU departmental, faculty, student, staff and alumni publications.
Current materials which are highly relevant to the JFKU curricula
Unique or rare items with relevance to the JFKU curricula
Back issues of print journal titles held by the libraries
Books and journals meeting the above criteria must also be clean, free of mold, unmarked, and in sturdy condition. The paper must be of decent quality and not yellowed. Mass market paperbacks, as a rule, are not added to the collection. Donations that do not meet the above criteria will be sold, donated or recycled.

The JFKU Libraries do not produce lists of titles or estimate prices for the donor. We do provide written acknowledgement of all gifts, indicating the name of the donor and the number of items received.Potential donors are encouraged to contact local public libraries or other college and university libraries regarding gifts which do not fall into the categories listed above. The public libraries in Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties will not accept the following items:
Encyclopedia sets
Items may be dropped off at any public library branch with the exception of the Santa Clara City Library which accepts donations only at the Central Park branch.




Donating Library Materials