John F Kennedy University Libraries Vision Statement:


The John F Kennedy University Libraries will provide excellent customer-focused service enabling JFKU community members to pursue self-directed paths of interest and inquiry in fulfillment of educational, professional, and personal goals.


John F Kennedy University Libraries Mission Statement:


Guided by John F Kennedy University's mission to serve the educational needs of adult students, the John F Kennedy University Libraries:
  • Provide a broad range of information resources and services that enhance learning and discovery;
  • Ensure that services are customer-focused and meet the needs of the University now and in the future by anticipating and responding to relevant trends;
  • Recognize that our staff is our most valuable resource;
  • Create an environment that serves the needs of our diverse learning community;
  • Join with others in collaborative partnerships.

John F Kennedy University Libraries Goals:

  • To serve the educational needs of diverse groups of students in their transformational lifelong learning processes.
  • To provide excellent information and research services.
  • To adopt and use current technologies to facilitate research, to assist in the learning process, and to manage and secure library collections and facilities.
  • To provide excellent instruction in research skills, information competency, and library use to students and faculty, supporting the University's teaching and research mission.
  • To select, acquire and provide access to quality research materials quickly and efficiently.
  • To cultivate and maintain an excellent learning environment for the University community.
  • To hire, train, and develop qualified diverse staff to provide excellent information services.
  • To support and contribute to the University's goal of becoming a learning community.