Library Selectors & Departmental Liasons


Bill Ames

Manages collections in Math, Philosophy, Religion, Science and Technology.

Joan Bewley

Manages collections in Health, Holistic Studies, Psychology, Social Sciences; Video and Audio Formats.
Liaison to the College of Graduate and Prodessional Studies.

Jason Dezember

Manages collections in the Arts (Pleasant Hill), Language and Literature, Business/Management, Career Development, Education & Librarianship; Electronic Formats.
Liaison to the College of Undergraduate Studies and the MBA Program.


Carolyn Billheimer

Liaison to Campbell Campus programs: Holistic, Somatic & General Counseling, Psychology BA


Steven Moody

Manages collections in Social Sciences: Anthropology, History, Politics, and Sociology.

Claudia Chester

Manages collections in the Arts and Museum Studies
Liaison to the Arts & Consciousness and Museum Studies Programs