Please select the library where you would like to pick the item up:

Fisher (Main Campus) Library(Media Request Form)
San Jose Campus Library(Media Request Form)
Berkeley Campus Library (Media Request Form)

Please use one of these forms to request media (DVDs, video, CD-ROM) in advance for classroom use.

Requests should be made at minimum one week in advance of the date of use to allow us time to process them and the items to be returned by any previous user (faculty may check items out for one week).

However, the sooner your reservations are made, the more likely we will be able to accomodate your request. This is a manual system which requires our staff to make your reserves - it is not an automatic computerized system.

Please be sure to bring the titles and numbers of the items you have requested with you to the library when picking up your requests. These requests are processed outside the library computer system and so will not be found in your record by staff.

Please include contact information so we can confirm your request. You should immediately receive a copy of your request. If you do not receive a confirmation from library staff within one week, contact the library staff on the campus where the item will be used.