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Searchpath Open Publication License

This document constitutes an Open Publication License for the use, reproduction, and distribution of Searchpath, which may be used only in compliance with this Open Publication License.


Open Publication works may be reproduced and distributed in whole or in part, in any medium physical or electronic, provided that the terms of this license are adhered to, and that this license or an incorporation of it by reference is displayed in the reproduction.

    All modified versions of documents covered by this license, including translations, anthologies, compilations and partial documents, must meet the following requirements:

    bullet Modified versions must be labeled as such.
    bullet The person making the modifications must be identified and the modifications dated.
    bullet Acknowledgment of the original author and publisher must be retained according to normal academic citation practices.
    bullet The location of the original unmodified document must be identified.
    bullet The original author's (or authors') name(s) may not be used to assert or imply endorsement of the resulting document without the original author's (or authors') permission.

    Below is the proper form for an incorporation by reference. For example, if you had renamed Searchpath and called it MySearch, the form would be:

    Original MySearch ©2004 by [author's name or designee]. MySearch is based upon Searchpath © by the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University which incorporates material from TILT, a tutorial developed by the Digital Information Literacy Office for the University of Texas System Digital Library, © 1998-2004. This material may be reproduced, distributed, or incorporated only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Searchpath Open Publication License.

    The above paragraph should appear on the tutorial's title page and the index pages to each module. It may be in small font.

    Any publication in standard (paper) book form shall require the citation of the original publisher and author. The publisher and author's names shall appear on all outer surfaces of the book. On all outer surfaces of the book the original publisher's name shall be as large as the title of the work and cited as possessive with respect to the title.


The copyright to each Open Publication is owned by its author(s) or designee.


Mere aggregation of Open Publication works or a portion of an Open Publication work with other works or programs on the same media shall not cause this license to apply to those other works. The aggregate work shall contain a notice specifying the inclusion of the Open Publication material and appropriate copyright notice.

    SEVERABILITY. If any part of this license is found to be unenforceable in any jurisdiction, the remaining portions of the license remain in force and effect. 

    NO WARRANTY. Open Publication works are licensed and provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or a warranty of non-infringement. 


In addition to the requirements of this license, it is requested from and strongly recommended of redistributors that:

    bullet If you are distributing Open Publication works on hardcopy or CD-ROM, you request e-mail approval from the original author of your intent to redistribute at least thirty days before your manuscript or media freeze, to give the author time to provide updated documents. This notification should describe modifications, if any, made to the document. 
    bullet On hardcopy or CD-ROM, all substantive modifications, including deletions, should be either clearly marked up in the document or else described in an attachment to the document. 
    bullet Finally, although not mandatory under this license, it is considered good form to offer a free copy of any hardcopy and CD-ROM expression of an Open Publication-licensed work to its author(s).


We now offer two versions of Searchpath. They are:

1. Searchpath Classic

Searchpath Classic is the version available since 2001, but updated yearly. There is no login on the first page. Users are given a choice between "First Time Users" which includes some introductory material and "Return Users" which skips the introduction. Searchpath is in HTML. The quizzes are coded with JavaScript and cookies. Students are able to print out their quiz results with their name and submit these to their instructor as proof of completion.

2. Searchpath with PHP

Searchpath with PHP is basically the same as the version above but with some important differences. Students have the option of logging in as "First Time Users (WMU Students)" or "Return Users (WMU Students)." Students using these options must enter their Western Michigan University student ID. There is also a "Guest" option, which does not require logging in. Searchpath is in HTML, but in this version its quizzes are coded in PHP.

Students who log in have the choice of either printing their quiz results with their name, or they can email their quiz results to their professor. You must have a server that is compatible with PHP and must set up a database in order to use this version. With a database you gain both the email function and can gather quiz results. If you attempt to use this version without a database, neither the email function nor printing out the quiz results with students name will work. Please note: We are not able to provide technical support.

To continue, acknowledge each of the following by checking the boxes below.

I understand I may use Searchpath content, design, and scripts if I appropriately credit the original work.

I understand any future works based upon Searchpath should be made available under a similar OPL.

I understand I must request permission from the original author and/or copyright holders before selling any product based upon Searchpath.

I understand I will not receive any technical support from the Searchpath developers.