The Web or Periodical Databases?

On the Web

  • you find ALL kinds of information - from academic research to hoaxes and scams. There is no review process on the Web.
  • it is not always easy to tell where the information came from, nor how trustworthy the information might be. You have to evaluate the content for yourself.
  • you typically perform a keyword search. You will find many, many Web sites that have your keywords in them.
Confused reader

In Periodical Databases

  • you find information that was previously published in print format and has gone through a review process.
  • citations clearly identify where the information came from and when it was published.
  • you search for keywords or subject or author, etc. A database organizes and indexes its content for easy retrieval.

Databases make searching for reliable information efficient and convenient, especially since you can access the databases from any computer with an Internet connection.