The Internet is a global network, connecting many smaller individual networks. For example, the computer in your library, computer lab, or at home is connected to another computer on campus. All the departments on campus are then connected to a larger network in the state. The California network is connected to regional, national and international networks.

The Internet is also a set of "services" that allow you to communicate with people, move files between computers, and find and share information. Below are a few of the services you might use:

E-mail Communicate with people across the Internet.
World Wide Web Using a browser, a user views Web pages containing text, images, and other multimedia, and navigates between them using hyperlinks.
file sharing This service makes files, such as movies and music, available to other computer users using peer-to-peer software.
Web 2.0 Although still part of the World Wide Web, this term refers to a 2nd generation of Internet-based services that emphasize online collaboration and sharing (e.g., weblogs, wikis, social networking Web sites, etc.).