Using Phrases to Refine a Search
1. universal health care Google searched each of the words you entered separately. You probably got more than 26,000,000 pages! Looking through even a fraction of these is time consuming and frustrating!
2. "universal health care" When you put quotes around universal health care, it ensured that the words were searched together as a phrase. You should have gotten fewer "hits," perhaps around 990,000.
3. "universal health care" "united states" Adding the phrase United States makes the search more specific. We are excluding Web sites in other countries. You should have gotten even fewer returns, around 560,000.
4 Using By limiting your search to .org (adding to your search), you found only sites from non-profit organizations. You could also try .edu sites or you could add additional keywords to narrow your results.
5. allintitle: - limited to finding your terms in the title of Web pages Requiring that your search terms are found (occur) in the title of a Web site reduces the number of pages found and increases the likelihood that the pages will be focused on your topic.