Cookies store information about a Web site user's preferences based on that user's interactions with the Web site. When the user returns to that Web site, the stored information in the cookie allows the user to browse the Web site without having to re-enter the same information.

the some web sites use cookies, web surfers might say, i surf, therefore you know who i am

However, some Web sites, especially commercial sites, use the tracking information for marketing purposes.  These sites build up a profile of where you go, and what advertisements you click on, so the next time you visit the site, you are shown products specifically targeted to your interests.

Some people feel using cookies for tracking purposes is an invasion of personal privacy. Visit Cookie Central to learn more about cookies and how to disable them in your Web browser.

You can delete the cookies stored on your computer. Just remember that no Web site will “recognize” you any more (e.g., your shopping history at, or the New York Times requiring free registration for you to see the full-text of articles on its Web site).