Censorship and Free Speech have always been hotly contested topics. With the increasing use of electronic media for the dissemination of information, new questions over first Amendment rights are being raised. For example, should we limit access to pornographic materials by minors, gambling on the Internet, or the posting of abusive content on newsgroups?

There are no easy answers to these challenges. You can learn more from Web sites which deal with freedom of speech, censorship and related issues:

Pro Free Speech Pro Internet Regulation
The Center for Democracy and Technology site promotes "the future of the First Amendment and free expression in the Information age." Family Online Safety Institute "works to make the online world safer for kids and their families by identifying and promoting best practice, tools and methods in the field of online safety, that also respect free expression."
The goal of the Electronic Frontier Foundation site is to protect rights and freedom in the electronic environment. The Enough is Enough site aims to protect children and families from illegal pornography on the Internet.